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Golf Rules Trophy

Awarded 1 points For
Sometimes lousy rolls don't earn you the goods, but they did earn you this award. Congratulations.

Comedian Award

Awarded 2 points For
Whether it be something said or done, doesn't matter, that was hilarious!

Lifesaver Award

Awarded 2 points For
Whether it be heals, showing up in time or by some action, you saved someone's life. Ooh piece of candy!

Crafty Award

Awarded 3 points For
You have the materials, you have the ability, may not have the time but you still manage to get the item(s) made and to the member in a timely fashion.

GoV Medal of Honor

Awarded 100 points For
This medal is bestowed only by the highest ranking officers of Guardians of Vilya, it is only given to members of GoV for exemplary service to the kinship. as seen fit by it's leadership.

Dedication Award

Awarded 10 points For
Recognized for your active longstanding participation with Guardians of Vilya.

Iron Will Award

Awarded 5 points For
You just won't give up. No matter what the cost.

Reigns Award

Awarded 2 points For
Shucks, none of the Officers are on, no Steward, nada. But that didn't stop you. You may not be the strongest leader in the bunch but you put it together and made it happen!

Smarty Pants Award

Awarded 2 points For
Whether it be figuring out how to get that hidden deed or title, how to solve the puzzle or even the trick to the boss. You figured it out. We all missed it but you didn't. Good job Spock.

First Officer's Medal

Awarded 25 points For
Awarded to an Officer or Member of GoV for exemplary work done on a project or task given by GoV's First Officer. (Currently Bortan)

Good Samaritan Award

Awarded 4 points For
Observed courtesy and kindness to strangers and or kinmates. Helping out one way or the other, your deeds did not go unnoticed.

Fire Starter Award

Awarded -1 points For
Well you did it. You riled up the bunch! It's okay, we have fire suits.

Fire Squelcher Award

Awarded 2 points For
The flames have been extinguish thanks to you.

Gaffe Award

Awarded 0 points For
You really did it this time. What were you thinking? Or weren't you. Whoops! Any social faux pas truly worthy of mention may just get you this award.

Hero of the Day Award

Awarded 5 points For
Playfully referred to as the Bort award, despite all circumstances you stood your ground and toughed it out, sometimes despite much needed rest even. You have been recognized as the one that made success possible.

Social Award

Awarded 2 points For
Recognized as being particularly talkative and easy going.. You are a joy to have around.

Ninja Award

Awarded 1 points For
You so ninja'd that loot.

Selfless Contributor Award

Awarded 4 points For
Spreading around the wealth, this does not only apply to gold but also loot. Maybe something really nice dropped but you knew it would better the kinship if someone else recieved it because it in turn brings up that player's ability.

Lucky S.O.B. Award

Awarded 3 points For
How you survived or pulled that off, no one will ever know.

Killing Blow Streak Award

Awarded 1 points For
Who needs backup? Not when it's you. You just couldn't help yourself, killing everything and anything that stands in your path.

Sleepy Award

Awarded 3 points For
No lack of sleep will ever get in the way of you helping Guardians of Vilya be successful. Now that you've gotten this award, get some well deserved rest!

Welcome Back Award

Awarded 1 points For
Whether real life kept you away or perhaps you've come back to us after finding out that other kin ain't so great, you were missed and GoV is glad to have you back as part of our community!

Donations Award

Awarded 10 points For
This award is given to our members by the Officer of the Treasury for any of the following reasons: Website Donations, Continuous donation of items/coin to the kin-vault. (Currently Emilaria)

Pet Award

Awarded 2 points For
Awarded to a character for excellent use of their pet in-game.

Work Horse Award

Awarded 5 points For
Awarded to any person who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in handling tasks delegated to them by a superior officer.

Lengalenas' Zoolander Award

Awarded 3 points For
This is an award for anyone with a really good outfit, can make good outfits and/or has a high sense of fashion. This award can also be given out for those people that might have a sense for fashion, just NOT a good one.

Dokosi's Bree-Land Idol Award

Awarded 3 points For
Available to all GoV members. Awarded for displaying your talents by either entertaining us or horrifying us with your in game musicianship, oh but you could sing over vent too....if you dare!

Tiramoth's The Holy Grail Award

Awarded 3 points For
The Holy Grail award is presented to the kinmate who at great personal cost or sacrifice identifies, pursues and obtains a quest item of great personal significance, no matter how funny, trivial or downright ridiculous.

Dance Fever Award

Awarded 1 points For
Awarded to anyone who shows off their dance prowess when with other kin members.

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