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Star Wars: The Old Republic
Account older than 2 years or more! That's awesome!!

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Guardians of Vilya - Lord of the Rings Online - Landroval
Imperial Sith Consortium - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Helm of Graush
Sith Imperial Navy - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Prophecy of the Five
The Crimson Order - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Prophecy of the Five
Guild Launch Community Sites
The Guild Life - Guild Launch Community Site - Win Prizes, Share Game Info & More!
Support - Get Help with Anything Guild Launch Related
Star Wars: The Old Republic, Prophecy of the Five
Guild Awards
The Sleepy Award
Awarded on Apr. 23rd
by: Sith Imperial Navy
Gaffe Award
Awarded on Jun. 23rd
by: Guardians of Vilya
Dokosi's Bree-Land Idol Award
Awarded on May. 22nd
by: Guardians of Vilya
Crafty Award
Awarded on Apr. 14th
by: Guardians of Vilya
Good Samaritan Award
Awarded on Mar. 31st
by: Guardians of Vilya
Total Award Points: 33


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